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発売日:2020年11月28日 / ジャンル:WORLD/REGGAE / フォーマット:CD / 構成数:1 / 製造国:韓国盤 / レーベル:Dreamus / SKU:8809633189159 / 規格品番:BHK1179

BTS、韓国ニューアルバム『BE (Deluxe Edition)』がリリース!
2020年2月発表の『Map Of The Soul : 7』以来、約9ヶ月振りとなる本作は、新型コロナウイルスによる新たな日常の中でも「私たちの人生は続く」というBTSのストーリーで、全世界のファンと世界に向けた癒しの気持ちが盛り込まれている。音楽だけでなくコンセプト、構成、デザインなどの制作全般にメンバー自らが参加した意味深い作品となっている。

発売・販売元 提供資料(2020/09/28)
On their third major release for 2020, K-pop titans BTS delivered a heartfelt and inspiring soundtrack to pandemic isolation with Be. At a brisk eight tracks, the album arrived at a time when most of their fans around the world were still in various stages of the lockdown brought on by COVID-19, which also halted all of the bands promotional plans for their chart-topping global smash Map of the Soul. Quarantined like everyone else, the septet crafted this gift for fans, a direct link between artist and listener that extends the sentiment that were all in this together. On the first half of the effort, the boys take a midtempo approach with warm, soothing ballad-esque comforts that offer hope and connection. While Suga melodically rhymes about a swiftly changing world on Life Goes On, he reassures fans that their relationship remains unchanged. Later on Fly to My Room, Jimin, V, Suga, and j-hope offer a behind-the-scenes peek as the boys go stir-crazy, stuck at home and ordering takeout while mindlessly staring at the television just like everyone else. By the time Jin dramatically intones I just wanna be happier on the crushing Blue & Grey, its abundantly clear that BTS are also having a hard time with 2020s changes. The vulnerability and intimacy in these revealing moments is an essential part of how the boys have so deeply endeared themselves to their ARMY fan base. Once these emotions are purged, a quick skit -- an inside joke with fans involving South Koreas president and their record-breaking number one hit Dynamite -- sets the stage for the energetic second half of Be. The pulsing disco funk of Telepathy picks up the pace with a groovy bass line and cowbell, while the popping Dis-ease provides an old-school hip-hop showcase for j-hope, RM, and Sugas verses, which are backed by V, Jung Kook, Jin, and Jimins melodic harmonies. Jung Kook and Jin kick off the blissful Stay, a classic BTS dance track that quickly morphs from a breezy pop ditty into a pounding EDM anthem as RM takes control. These songs build to a natural high point with closer Dynamite, the retro-cool disco jam that shot to number one in over a dozen countries. Offering a final encouraging note (and a glorious late-song key change), Dynamite reminds listeners that, even if theyre stuck in quarantine, they might as well focus on the positive and dance. Despite its brief runtime, Be is an expert snapshot of time and place, a document of a worldwide event that manages to strengthen their connection to their listeners and push their songcraft forward with focus, heart, and humanity. ~ Neil Z. Yeung
・構成数 | 1

・合計収録時間 | 00:29:18


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