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発売日:2023年01月20日 / ジャンル:ROCK/POP / フォーマット:CD / 構成数:1 / 製造国:ヨーロッパ盤 / レーベル:Epic / SKU:196587355920 / 規格品番:19658735592

Italys Maneskin make their bid for global pop domination with their third album, 2023s pulse-pounding Rush! While they sound like a sleazy garage rock band from New York circa the early aughts, they are best known for winning the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 for Italy with the song "Zitti e buoni." Prior to that, they teed up their breakthrough Eurovision run with a second-place finish on Italys X Factor in 2017. All of which is to say that, while they can really and truly rock (devil horns and all), Maneskin arent afraid to play in the tasteless, campy machinery of the modern pop landscape. In fact, on Rush! they explicitly frame themselves within a sleazy, globe-trotting world of decadent partying, sexy models, and raw overindulgence -- all delivered with a kohl-eyed wink and a firm tongue in cheek. Cuts like "Bla Bla Bla," "Gasoline," and "Dont Wanna Sleep" have a giddy, dance-punk quality, as if the Buzzcocks ripped through Maroon 5s "Moves Like Jagger." Theres also their ribald collaboration with guitarist Tom Morello that sounds, somewhat improbably and perhaps most fittingly, like Rage Against the Machine in deep punk tango with Ricky Martin. Some of the best moments come late in the album, where Maneskin and longtime producer Fabrizio Ferraguzzo let loose on a handful tracks (several sung in Italian) like the sinewy "La Fine," "Kool Kids," and the deliciously trashy "Mammamia," anthems where singer Damiano Davids throaty sneer and the bands buzz-heavy grooves vibrate with an electric sensuality. With Rush!, Maneskin make good on their Eurovision rock promise, delivering an album thats campy, inspired, and thrilling all at the same time. As they sing on "Kool Kids," "I am scum, real scum, but Im good at this/Were not punk, were not pop, were just music freaks." ~ Matt Collar
全世界でブレイク中の新世代ロック・バンド=マネスキン 待望のニュー・アルバム『ラッシュ!』

世界中を席巻しているイタリアのロック・バンド=マネスキン。この夏初来日を果たし、サマーソニックでのLIVEパフォーマンス、また様々なメディア露出で日本でも大きな話題を呼んだ彼らの待望の最新アルバム『ラッシュ!』がリリースされる。前作『テアトロ・ディーラVOL. I』から約2年ぶりのリリースとなる今作は、"ユーロヴィジョン・ソング・コンテスト2021"で全世界的ブレイクを果たしてから初めてとなるアルバム。去る10月27日に行われたメキシコシティ公演では、新作に収録される予定の、暴動のようなパンクが猛攻する新曲「クールズ・キッズ」を初披露し、会場を熱狂させた。また、10月にリリースされたバラード楽曲「ザ・ロンリエスト」でも新境地を見せてくれた彼ら。アルバムでも多彩な魅力を我々に見せてくれることは間違いない!
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・合計収録時間 | 00:52:46


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